Whether splitting with friends or using several credit cards to avoid maxing out, help your customers make it a no-brainer purchase…


Zplintr’s service

Marketing ready

The system will send automatic reminders to the late paying customers and inform the clients of the status throughout the whole process.

White labeled

Our technology, your service. Easily integrated, Zplintr will bear your brand and colors to make it a seamless experience for you and your clients.

Secured payments

All processes are secured through the HTTPS protocol and all payment information are systemically encrypted and never stocked nor saved for maximum security.

Splitting payments, for what?

Powerful use cases

When might your clients use it?

Group activities

A more convenient option rather than asking to be paid back, friends can pay for their own share directly when travelling.

Expensive purchases

The system also allows single purchasers with credit card limits to use several cards in order to make an expensive purchase.

Group gifts

With Zplintr, once all payments are received, the purchase is automatically validated. No need to collect on an app and then go back.

Business / Leisure

A business traveler can easily split the costs that are eligible to be paid by his company from the ones made for his own use.

Drastically increase your data base

Did you know… when 7 people make a common purchase through one person, you only get 1 client email?

With Zplintr’s service, you get each participant’s email and get to know what each of them is interested in.

Zplintr complies with the provision of the GDPR Ruling

Set it up the way you see fit

“I would only like to offer it to groups larger than 4 and perhaps charge $2 per person using it.”

No problem at all! Zplintr allows you to easily set up the cases in which you will offer the service in order to best implement your strategy.

I want to give it a try

Zplintr is an Optionizr brand.
If you wish to offer the best service to your clients by combining both services, make sure to check out Optionizr’s website.

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Do you have questions ?

Here’s a few questions that tend to come up quite often.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Each participant will be automatically reimbursed the proportional amount of the sum originally paid. For instance, if Mikael paid $50 for a $200 purchase, but that purchase is only refundable up to $100, Mikael will receive $25.
For your website and its financial software, the system will be transparent. You will receive the payment as if it were made directly by one person. We take care of collecting the sums for you.
Optionizr acts as a Processor, within the meaning of article 4 of the GDPR. You can take a deeper look at our GDPR policy by following this link.
Optionizr uses payment gateways to process the options’ cashing, such as Stripe and Braintree. As such, it does not save in any way clients’ payment information on its servers.

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