Let them split to increase conversion

Zplintr gives your clients the ability to split payments when making a group purchase. Better service, safer feeling.

All-in-one Groups payment system

A white label solution that handles money collection, sends emails to the groups’ participants, and validates purchases.

The automation of the whole split process made a true success out of this feature from the moment it was launched!

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Aigle Azur, D. Rossetti, Web Project Manager

Why Split ?

If you let them split it, they will buy it.

  • More sales

    By letting them share the cost of important purchases.

  • More data

    By gathering the information of each participant.

  • More service

    And more reasons to buy on your website.

  • More social

    It's the trend nowadays.

How does it work?

Before, your clients needed to search, exit, download an app, create a social media group, ask for all payments, receive all payments, come back to your website, pay… We can make it simpler.

Mikael is shopping

He’s interested in making a purchase for his 3 friends and himself. However, he’s afraid of making the group purchase by himself. After all, last time it took almost 5 months for one of them to pay him back.

Mikael is shopping

He clicks on the split payment button

Mikael is relieved, he sees that the website is giving the opportunity for each of his friends to pay his/her own share for the common purchase. It is exactly what he is looking for and this helps him in making the decision to buy.

He clicks on the split payment button

He enters the emails and associated sums

Mikael remains on the website and enters his 3 friends’ email addresses along with the sum he wishes each of his friends to pay. Each participant will then receive an email with a secured link.

He enters the emails and associated sums

Mickael and his friends can now each pay easily

Each participant can pay his share within the time limit set by the website. If all payments are received by then, the purchase is automatically confirmed. If not, then the cart will be considered abandoned.

Mickael and his friends can now each pay easily

Increase your sales’ performance

Not only will you increase your conversion by allowing individuals to split their payments with others, but you will also gain direct connections to all paying members.









A flexible and secured solution

For Aigle Azur, Zplintr was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss.

— Aigle Azur

It has showed an exemplary ease of integration and deployment that allowed us to save precious time and energy!

— FrenchBee

Another yet but essential service to answer our clients’ needs and increase customer loyalty.

— ParisInn

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